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How to open your brokerage account?

Come to the broker's office located at Dostyk 192/2 Green Tower, 10th floor

Fill out an application to join the brokerage agreement and/or brokerage agreement ;

• Fill out an order to open an account

• Fill out the form

• Provide a copy of an ID for an individual

• Provide notarized sample signatures on the broker form

• Provide a copy of a bank statement confirming the availability of a bank account for an individual (bank details)

replenish your brokerage account from your bank account using the details indicated on the broker’s website at the link 

How long does it take to open a brokerage account?
Typically, a brokerage account for an individual is opened within one business day, from the moment the necessary documents are provided. The maximum period for opening an account after submitting an application is 3 business days.
In what currency can I fund my brokerage account?
The brokerage account can be replenished in tenge, dollars, euros or rubles, depending on the currency in which you plan to buy securities. And also, you can send funds in any currency and make currency conversion within a brokerage account.
What currency conversion rate is used?
Currency conversion occurs at the official non-cash currency exchange rate of the custodian bank and/or at the broker’s rate. Fixing the conversion rate is available when converting amounts over 10,000 USD (equivalent in KZT and other currencies) by prior agreement with the broker.
How long does it take to execute an order to buy/sell securities?
The client order is subject to execution until the end of the current trading session, after passing an automatic check for compliance with the requirements stipulated by the Agreement, Legislation, and Internal Documents of the Broker. Typically, if the order parameters meet all the requirements, execution of the order takes from 1 to 5 minutes. When concluding a transaction on date T, when calculating transactions using the T+n method, the actual execution of the transaction occurs on the n business day after conclusion.
What fees arise when submitting orders?
Commissions for transactions for the purchase/sale of securities arise in the case of completed transactions. Commission for buying/selling on the local market – 0.2% of the volume, min. 7,000 tenge. Commission for buying/selling on the international market – 1% of the volume, min. 20,000 tenge. You can find out more about the tariffs here /ru/uslugi/tarify/.
What markets does the Broker provide access to?
The company provides access to all stock markets, incl. KASE (Kazakhstan Stock Market), foreign exchange market, AIX (Astana International Exchange), international markets NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, etc.
What are the broker's working hours?
Working hours of the SQIF broker are from 10:00 – 19:00 Almaty time
What are currency restrictions?
The main currency regulation body in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with this Law, within the limits of their competence, carry out currency regulation, issue regulatory legal acts that are binding on residents and non-residents. In order to prevent risks to the financial stability of the country, the Government and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan may introduce restrictions on the export of cash foreign currency and (or) monetary instruments in foreign currency and restrictions on the transfer of funds outside the country.
Can I make transfers to third parties?
Transfers of funds to third parties are permissible only within the framework of agreements for the purchase and sale of securities on the unorganized market. Transfers of funds from a brokerage account to third parties without a basis (for example, without a Securities Purchase and Sale Agreement) are prohibited by law.

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